Antonio Zambrano Delgadillo , is a Merchant Marine Officer, Retired, with studies in the Escuela Naval de Colombia and the U. S. Navy. He soon became an insistent participator in the industrial expansion of Colombia by preparing and staffing R&D groups especially in the fields of tires and glass-bottle making (in USA subsidiaries companies like B. F. Goodrich and Owens Illinois Intl.).

In the extent that the world stressed its concern about environmental quality (in the decades 1960-1970 and onwards), and the UN established the Environment Programme (UNEP), he directed his commitments to post-harvest loss, attention to the control of pollution and disposal of toxic waste. In achieving that purpose, he taught in several Universities of the country and outside, of course intertwining other activities as shown henceforward. In that same direction he attended Planning Consulting by assisting governmental branches of commerce and social security. He trained executive cadres in Colombia and El Ecuador. He researched the interaction of the multi-island environment with the strive to enhance the economic performance in the Philipinnes.

Director of “Ecología Tropical”, a scientific magazine of the Sociedad Colombiana de Ecología. He founded the “Corporación Ariadna” for the extension of preservation, use and opening of new economical pathways for the Colombian native florifauna. Authored the Sorghum Project for Big Scale Colombian Bio-ethanol Production. Antonio grew up in his parents coffee plantation in San Francisco, Cundinamarca, Colombia, was since the beginning familiarized with the coffee growers dynamics.

This experience made of him a person concerned with ecology, environment needs and heuristic research about preventive fact-finding designed to keep out harm or accidents from occurring.