Arturo Restrepo Aristizabal, CEO and Founder, Arturo is an all-weather Program Manager with over 15 years experience on earth science and knowledge management systems for international development; where he budgeted portfolios over USD 100M through projects. Arturo received a B Sc in Tropical Ecology from Universidad Javeriana and a Master of Environmental Science and Water Technology from IHE Delft The Netherlands.

His performing tasks outstands a capacity for integrating big data approaches in sustainable development and developing workflows for interoperability between front end and back end stacks to create Decision Support solutions. The complex architecture of global infrastructure ecosystems where he has Task-Led by using predictive analytics solutions in public-private investments has awarded institutions with geostrategic grants and programs to accomplish their missions.

His ground-truth work has been performed over seven countries throughout The Americas and South-East Asia deploying his expertise about ecosystems services and environmental safeguards on Carbon forests, coffee/cocoa, solar, wind, hydros, biomass, large railroads, highways, ports and greenfields; as well as technical knowledge of US NEPA regulations and policies.

Throughout his multicultural career between academia and fieldwork, Arturo has coordinated safeguards workteams at the Interamerican Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN). This web based, 34 countries, Public Decision Support Toolkit with over five million records screens out for biodiversity impacts and offsets to streamline decision-making and reporting over complex projects funded by multilaterals through the Inter American System and IFC standards.

Arturo was also deeply trained about Sensor Webs, Internet of Things, and bigdata science systems for remote sensing architecture, when he worked over three years as the Ecological Informatics Coordinator at NASA Global Change Data Center in Goddard Space Flight Center. He has also advised Colombia's Ministry of Environment, Multilaterals, International Conservation Caucus, NPOs, and Corporations for Sustainability Assessments.

More recently, Arturo participated as a scientific peer reviewer for the GEO Outlook 5 of UNEP and was appointed as the Associate Expert on Climate and Forests for UN REDD and UNDP to The Guiana Shield in Suriname.