Cesar Augusto Valbuena Calderón Cesar, is an Agronomist and holds a Master's degree in Geoinformation for Natural Resource Management (ITC - Netherlands). His expertise deploys numerical solutions about geospatial information analysis and use of remote sensing (satellite data and drones), applied in different projects related to agriculture, forests and climate change.

He has extensive research and work experience in academia, NGOs and government organizations such as the Institute of Environmental Studies (IDEAM) about National Forests Monitoring Systems, Time-series deforestation analyses, and Forest Reference Levels. Where he works at the Colombian Forest and Carbon Monitoring System Team over the last five years.

His experience outstand over the implementation on REDD + and agribusiness projects, groundtruth field work while transferring knowledge to indigenous and farming communities. Likewise, he has participated in international climate change projects with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation - GIZ.

Cesar brings to Ecotropics his knowledge about data science, GIS, UAV, sensor webs, and algorithms to be applied at Integrated Landscape Management.