Charles Haine, is a Technical Director at global advisory firm WSP, specializing in integrating environmental, sustainability and climate risk management into development projects. He has particular knowledge about the movement of goods, the supply chain and the role of the maritime sector in that. Much of his work is focused on future-ready projects, businesses and activities, where traditional engineering designs need to be disrupted in order to allow a step-change improvement in construction and operational performance.

His project work allows him to deliver support to lenders on all environment, social and sustainability aspects, using skills learned in EIA, Health Impact Assessment, Due Diligence auditing and masterplanning.

Charles started his career setting-up Environmental Management Systems to ISO14001 and improving waste management/recycling, reducing noise and air pollutants alongside proactive HSE activities for plastics' manufacturer Fibracan Ltd near Liverpool, UK.

His role as the Global Environmental Manager for DP World (2008-2012) involved preparing the company's Environment Strategy and pioneering a GHG Emissions’ Footprinting Framework for 52 operational facilities across five Continents. This involved inventory plans, instilling a robust monthly 'measurement' culture and tailor-making an online software solution with Greenstone Carbon. A seat on the company's Sustainability Committee allowed him to share innovative ideas to diversify the CSR approach to include relevant environmental elements.

His current advice to Ecotropics is in delivering ideas and suggestions in the climate/business resilience and GHG emissions/carbon footprinting space. Charles is intrigued by the way human health impact and social interactions (e.g. labour, gender, equality) can be interwoven into both core production activity and community activities 'beyond-the-gate' to make Corporate Responsibility more meaningful, honest and tangible.