The Ecotropics Group is gaining partnerships every year through the Alliance for Climate Resilient and Green Business in the Tropics between fellow ecological organizations and public and private sectors involved in sustainable practices. In order for The Ecotropics Group to expand its action and follow its mission of increased communication among different stakeholders, the organization needs the support of private foundations and corporate leaders in order for the transition to climate-smart economy become more streamlined.

Corporate Advisory

One of the main goals of The Ecotropics Group is to work in tangent with corporations in order to help facilitate sustainability policies and deploy climate resilient tropical landscapes. This focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is paramount, because it helps bridge the gap between top-down and bottom-up approaches, thus creating new dialogue for climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. The work involved in shaping CSR for sustainability indices that can lead to long term partnerships with these corporations, creating socio-environmental incentives by sustainability reporting with GRI standards such as compensation or tax exemption. LIkewise, we have build partnerships with public, private and nonprofits sectors delivering knowledge to solve top climate related challenges such as:

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