The Ecotropics group is along the process of initiating partnerships through the Alliance for Climate Change and Green Business in the Tropics between fellow ecological organizations and corporations involved in sustainable practices. In order for The Ecotropics groups to expand its message and follow its mission of increased communication among different stakeholders, the organization needs the support of enterprises in order for the transition to sustainability become more streamlined.

Corporate Advisory

• The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) revolves around the idea that transnational corporations (MNCs) need to have a broader sense of accountability toward stakeholders within their own businesses. MNCs have come under fire in the past with local stakeholders frustrated over the fact that their voices and opinions are not being heard and as a consequence the issues they support are left on deaf ears. The promotion of CSR in corporations is not only helpful for the stakeholders and investors tied to the businesses, but it also holds great value and promise for corporations themselves. The benefits are extensive, some of which are enhanced brand image and reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty, and greater productivity and quality within the organization.

• One of the main goals of The Ecotropics group is to work in tangent with corporations in order to help facilitate corporate policy and reinvent the conservation of tropical landscapes. This focus on CSR is paramount, because it helps bridge the gap between the local communities and governments, thus creating new dialogue for conservation efforts. The work involved in shaping CSR for sustainability indices that can lead to long term partnerships with these corporations, creating socio-environmental incentives such as compensation or tax exemption through The Ecotropics group. Only through the cooperation of corporations and The Ecotropics group can foundational environmental change be realized in the Tropics.

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