The Ecotropics Group, Applied Ecology for Tropical Resources Programs Inc., is a non-profit organization, U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRS) 501 ( c )(3) —in IRS good standing— with the mission to advance towards a more effective mitigation and adaptation of climate change through research, development and innovation. Our group applies a multi-stakeholder approach, as well as brain trusts technically qualified to advise entrepreneurial communities, corporations, and governments about Forest Carbon Offsets; Sustainable Coffee and Cocoa , and Green Schools construction.

Established since 2007 in Washington DC by a team of concerned scientists and engineers aiming to develop climate resilient solutions for Pantropical communities.

After decades of task consulting and contracting out about research, innovation and advanced technologies at NASA/GSFC, biodiversity public policy at the Organization of American States (OAS), Climate Change and Forests at United Nations, and project banking feasibility and evaluations, with OCDE standards, at the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), Our team found entangled in a philosophical question —Why Tropics are megabiodiverse superpowers but at the same time are socio-economically megapoors?

Then, our team went to South East Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central, and South America delving out for answers and experienced all sort of tropical discoveries in terms of agricultural identity, ethnodiversity, forest communities, ecosystems services, green schools and infrastructure projects.

As a result, we started up as a fresh and new inter-generational organization, with a differential value, that always applies the following cornerstones over its project cycle and management:

  • • Good Project Design with critical mass
  • • Pertinence and Coherence
  • • Sense of Project Ownership
  • • Shared Values
  • • Efficiency and Efficacy
  • • Financial Sustainability

Join the disruptive conservation generation #WeAreTheTropics and June 29 Ecotropics Day is our #TropicsDay. Our organization connects the private sector, entrepreneur communities, stakeholders and governments while implementing sustainable projects. This bridge is done through Communication strategies and stakeholders analysis, which are key for all types of projects using applied landscape ecology, sustainable agriculture, green infrastructures, ecosystems services, carbon credits, and renewable energy. Our goal is to bridge the gap among sectors in tropical regions for a better understanding of climate resilience solutions while ensuring the sustainability of natural resources, especially cocoa and coffee growers, and well-being for glocal communities. Therefore, we develop PROSPERITY, PLANET, and PEOPLE to:

Arturo Restrepo Aristizabal, CEO