Grattan MacGiffin, is the Managing Director of Tessera Limited, a UK sustainbility consultancy that supports businesses worldwide. Tessera provides its clients with effective, requisite and affordable solutions via a modular offering. With 10 years experience in climate finance and sustainability, Grattan is a commercially-focused business enabler who builds partnerships and sustains relationships with international corporates and institutions; investment banks and funds; NGOs and governments. In early 2006 he entered the carbon markets when he started the Voluntary Carbon brokerage business at Man Financial. Subsequent roles including origination and trading; project investment and deal structuring; and demand creation with end-users, combined to provide an unusually rounded experience of the international carbon markets. As Co-Chair of the Forestry, Land Use & Voluntary Markets Forum of the Climate Markets and Investment Association, one of the world's leading climate trade associations, he is able to access, convene, contribute and disseminate thought leadership and best practice throughout the market. Grattan holds a BSc Hons in European Business and a PgD in History. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and ex Vice-Chair of the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute, allowing him to pursue his interests in climate change, history and the great age of polar exploration. *Sustainability Consultancy *Carbon, REDD+ forestry and Water project certification & commercialisation *Commodity project investment and trading *Sales marketing strategy *Commercial negotiation and structuring *Business advisory

Grattan provides commercial advice to Ecotropics by building capacity while creating sustainable development projects in Colombia by connecting the private sector, local communities and government. Pioneering sustainability programs include REDD plus baseline development, a green school as well as an ‘eco-industrial coffee farmhouse’ where local farmers receive climate smart agriculture, roasting lessons, and commodity sales advice.