We strive to educate those who make the top-down and bottom-up decisions in order to improve the lives of others in a warming or flooding climate. The basic premise of our Campaigns is to educate people, corporations and governments about saving energy, growing trees, farming with better agrotech practices, and making agriculture organically.

The Ecotropics Group develops green schools with biotecture fashion that harnesses the forces of tropical Mother Nature, by combining the power of the wind, water and the sun with a sustainable design. The school boasts energy savings of up to 60% over a conventional school building. The green school employs bamboo framed construction methods for green walls and food security, a technique that reduces carbon emissions by up to nearly 80%. Designed to be tough, the school buildings can withstand the onslaught of Andean earthquakes, tropical downpours and severe droughts.

But to build such a school, The Ecotropics Group employs a staggering array of green technology. To build a green and sustainable venue, we preserve the integrity of the natural landscape. The campus has to be able to blend itself into the landscape and culture. One important thing is that we have to look into the contour very wisely. So the biotecture building can flow with the ground contours lines instead of doing a lot of grading and sit the building right on top of it. In doing so, we are allowing a natural green ambience to grow around the school village.

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