The Ecotropics Group and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) have partnered together to deploy a multipartisan International Climate Solutions Caucus (ICSC) in the Tropics of the world. ICSC is supported by The U.S. Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus (CSC) with over 70 members of Congress working in a bipartisan climate resilient effort. Both organizations headquartered in Washington DC USA work together toward a transformational and necessary step for a climate-smart economy that benefits the greater good. Such a legislative collaboration, focused on educating about climate change across partisan and ideological spectrum, can ensure all views are heard, allow communities, corporate leaders, and judiciary branches to find common ground on a coordinated transition, and reveal the benefits of enabling policies such as climate resilient solutions. Ecotropics coordinates and sustains the founding and deployment of the ICSC.

International Climate Solutions Caucus (ICSC) exists to empower citizen volunteers to engage in a detailed policy-making relationships with their own elected representatives, and to build political will for the most effective and efficient climate policy approaches, with direct and ongoing benefit to all stakeholders. We are founding strategic partners in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, where countries like Colombia and Canada have played a critical and consistent leadership role in the Western Hemisphere.

Climate disruption and its impacts are not political or partisan questions; they are real-world experiences which human beings and human societies endure. For this reason, we do not believe competition between political factions should stall or downgrade the deployment of smart solutions.

We support the ICSC foundational commitment to be “a multiparty coalition based on the fundamental understanding that diversity in political perspectives fosters a constructive dialogue in which its members, in view of building consensus, will familiarize themselves on a variety of perspectives” to better serve the people they represent.

Legitimacy and consensus come from open discussion with diverse stakeholders. Our international program work embraces three principles of engagement: all people are climate stakeholders, access best-practice opportunity is a right, and climate education is a two-way process between citizens and government. The multipartisan International Climate Solutions Caucus is an opportunity to connect smart, innovative, and far-reaching national policy discussions to the locally rooted wisdom of citizens, communities, government, NGOs, corporate leaders, and innovators.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with Parliaments around the globe, working on multilevel collaborations like the ICSC, to foster a climate-smart future and spread its leadership lessons and trust building to lawmakers across the Pantropical world.