Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is the best tool for adaptation to climate change at basins or catchments scale. Watersheds are the area of land in which all of the nearby surface runoff from rain or highland snow meets at a single point. Water basins are useful in determining territorial disputes between nations and also identifying where the movement of water is headed and how to implement those findings into a comprehensive plan of action in the future.

Water basins are also an important point of discussion in ecological importance for coffee and cacao farms. Since the majority of water that leads to drainage basins is primarily due to excess runoff, sediments and harmful pollutants can be picked up along the way. This creates further ecotoxicological issues and increases the degradation of coffee regions and wetlands along the watershed. The effects of this influence both the aquatic life in the basin as well as the people that rely on the watershed for their everyday needs.

The Ecotropics group endeavors to focus on the planning of coffee and cacao zones for watersheds as a way to reduce environmental damage to the wetlands and tropics. The Ecotropics group works with corporations and governments, relaying the thoughts of the local community to discuss and create effective zoning plans and infrastructures for key water basins at farming scale. This will lead to a more conscious productive outlook on the life and possibilities that exist within these essential areas of the world.

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