Uniquely created in Tolima Colombia, the Rural Landscape School is a community school developed by Sustainability tycoons – former consultants and contractors for NASA, Global Environment Facility, OAS, IADB -- working together to solve climate mitigation and adaptation, and conservation challenges. This green school is a two story energy efficiency building which integrates bamboo, green walls, green roofs, photovoltaics, wind mills, water efficient systems and LED lights. The Ecotropics group collaborate locally and virtually to exchange and implement sustainable best practices, and promote connections between schools, labor communities, and the infrastructure ecosystems that sustain them. We do this by: training kids and youth, creating forums; exchanging resources; offering holistic programs and curriculums developed by ecologists; and connecting youth to applied ecology.

Schools can play a vital stewardship role to:

LINK people across socio-economic, geo-political and generational boundaries;

DEVELOP healthy, supportive learning environments;

SURF youth to nature;

EDUCATE the greatest number to embrace a shared understanding about social, environmental, and economic interdependencies; and

FOSTER the values, long-term vision, and skills to live together sustainably.

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