One of the targeted stakeholders in The Ecotropics group main mission is the coffee and cocoa growers, students, and forest communities across developing tropics.The main goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible, beginning with improving environmental responsibility in businesses and governments.

The development of the local community into an active, peer-to-peer and involved campaign will only make the process of enhanced ecosystems conservation in the tropics more streamlined and effective.

Therefore, here we list our key Group of stakeholders:

  • • Coffee and Cocoa farmers.
  • • Small and Medium Enterprises - Agrofarming, Livestock, Manufactures, Extractive Industries, Power Generation and Distribution, Road Building, Green Building Developments.
  • • Governments - Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary Branches
  • • Academia - Universities, Institutes, Think Facts
  • • Local NGOs - Make Integral Part of the Alliance.

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